Author + Artist Bio

Hi There, my name is Zelda Picasso!

I am the author and artist for the Baby Gardenia series children’s picture books. I know my name is a bit strange but it does have a purpose and meaning just like my picture book characters.

Just for you knowledge, ZELDA means “Woman Warrior”. PICASSO…well you know, it’s all about ART! So together as my name, it’s a great combination for a women author and artist to create children’s picture books.

I have been nested in the creative world for most of my life. I hold a bachelor’s and master’s of fine art, with a concentration in visual communications. I am an author, artist, illustrator, designer and educator who is a life-long learner. A jack of many trades, invested with many hours to hone my craft. With these attributes, I able to share with the children of the world my picture books and its adventures.

My strength is grounded by a strong imagination and is supported by my expertise in the discipline of design. I am a warrior with a drive that is melded with curiosity-bridging resourcefulness and knowledge to achieve my end goals.

You will come to find out that the name Zelda Picasso goes hand-in-hand with “Out The Window Adventures” (OWTA) my art and design portal which brings my creative dreams to reality. The properties that reside from (OTWA) are original character creations with compelling backstories. The (OTWA’s) diverse portfolio of unique designs is available for licensing, development and new market opportunities.

I create in a live-work studio in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was born and raised in the beautiful woodsy mountains of Eastern  Pennsylvania. I am the 3rd of 4 sisters who all are creative in their own right. 

My wonderful parents are the backbone to my work ethic and life’s journey. I appreciate all their hard work and the sacrifices they made in their lives for my life’s path to be successful and more playful.